we believe that
simple things work best

we believe in simplicity

We build order from chaos and create simplicity from complexity.
We believe in simple strategies and strong practical implementation.
We believe that focusing on the essential always works best: less is more.

we believe in practicality

All starts with the customer’s everyday life. Only actions matter, and the coaching must turn into the concrete part of the organization culture. In order to find the real focus of personnel development, we meet the people in their work. We ask questions and listen carefully. We can easily relate all parts of organization from top management to delivery. We monitor work from the customer service desk to the board room. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, no matter what.

we believe that only actions lead to results

We focus on real issues, and make sure that the methods supporting strategy work used in coaching turns into action and strong practical procedures. We will not fade into oblivion after the coaching, instead we make sure that the implementation succeeds by being present in the customer’s everyday life in the long run. This derives results and creates cash flow.

Kissconsulting - Konsulttipalvelut


Kissconsulting Ltd is a company specialized in management consulting and business coaching. The company was founded in 1990. We produce tailor-made business coaching to fit the customers’ needs. Their success is a must to us. We monitor the organization in everyday life throughout the coaching project making sure that the coaching benefits are turned into action.

experienced and inspiring professionals

We are a group of 20 experienced and inspiring professionals. We have versatile backgrounds from different areas of business and from mid-management to CEO level.

Enter our world:

Clear strategy

Clear strategy and strong implementation

Grand visions won’t prompt more than polite applause unless the whole personnel is committed to the goals and the methods for achieving them. When an idea is a true gem, it is usually very simple.

We believe in the power of simple, clear and uplifting strategy. In strong culture the strategy and values are in everyone’s mind, speech and actions. We help the strategy to change into actions and great performances. 

Clear and simple strategy and common story among all personnel is a fundalmental must. The clearer the story is, the easier it is to implement it to all levels in the organization. This is the only way make strategy truly alive. 


Top management team coaching

We strengthen the management’s ability to lead the team into the championship. We help the management to streamline their cooperation and ensure the common direction of the whole organization. Presentation and media skills of the management are often the crucial factor in both motivating the customers and personnel and handling difficult emergency and crisis situations. We also provide efficient tools for inspiring and humane ways to handle layoffs.

Manager training

We spar managers to be the kind of coaches for their teams, who set issues and people on the same gameboard. Even the best star player will not be successful in a team, if the tactics and goals are not clear or there is an inability communicate them and allocate tasks to the appropriate people, and thereby motivate the team into a winning streak. We provide tools for the practical implementation of goals and strategies, more efficient meetings, and engaging and motivating employees.

Change- and project management

We help companies in desired change projects and strengthen change- and project management skills. An unclear project portfolio and undertaking too many simultaneous projects are often great obstacles for the success of projects. We take the project portfolio through a clarification treatment and go through the challenges together on a concrete level. We give tools for project planning, management and follow-ups, as well as for strong skills for implementing changes.


Sales and customer service

Sales is the basis of business and the foundation of success. In a coaching situation we help to raise sales activity and make the use of CRM more efficient. We coach skis to hear customer needs better and strenghten the customer centered sales. We train the closing muscles and give ideas for active sales management. We also tune people for the attitude of service charm and provide a tool kit for even the most challenging customer service situations.


Communication and interaction skills are important skis of the working life. An open, participating corporate culture creates a positive atmosphere and new ideas. We coach cooperation skills, feedback skills, negotiation skills and learn how to communicate with different persons. We also give tools to work on difficult situations and also when the cat is already ’out of the bag’.

Public speaking

With coaching we tackle stage fright and learn to communicate clearly and with spirit. We give tools for planning and executing presentations with a clear message and different methods for active participation. We provide methods for coaching, holding meetings and customer presentations.

Flow at work

Creativity and Culture of Ideas

Creativity and innovation are the fundaments of success. We help organizations to grab hold onto the new initiative by including the whole organization to participate in creating ideas and strenghtening mutual feedback culture. Ideas are often born in groups, via conversation and sharing ideas. We create a system in which the ideas are created together and systematically carried into practice. We have methods for creative problem solving, which can undo knots which have hindered development into a new path of growth.

The Joy of Work

The best asset of any successful company is an energetic, motivated and professional personnel. It serves well to remember that laughter and joy are the breeding ground for balances and gross margins. In uncertain circumstances and throes of change the resources of the employees are challenged and the basis of well-being is depleted. With Kissconsulting coachings we strenghten the joy of work, flow at work, balance and resources at work. We help the participants to find their own responsibility and resources for reaching one’s goals.

Time Management

In coaching the participants focus on self- and time management. We provide tools for to use our time more efficiently, as well how to balance work and free time. We help to implement time management tools in everyday life and results. In addition to personals tools we dig into shared processes and methods to save time and make work more efficient.

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